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Vantagepoints on Learning and Life
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Vantagepoints is a Best Seller
Vantagepoints is a Best Seller
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Praise for Vantagepoints on Learning and Life

"Lifelong learning is for everyone. Kevin's lessons have two purposes. One -- for you to learn from his journey. Two -- to inspire you to reflect on, and learn from your own. Read this book for yourself, and create your own success."

- Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Bible

“Wow – reading this is like ‘sitting at the foot of a master’ and learning about the meaning of life. Thank you, Kevin, for an absolutely terrific book.”

- Bob Burg, author, Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales

“Kevin is quite adept at making the mundane seem less ordinary. His anecdotes, mostly personal, are pleasurable to read because of their “human-ness.” Each essay has an almost Reader’s Digest-like appeal, but is far more real.”

- Allison Boxill

“Vantagepoints on Learning and Life is a marvelous exploration into this vastness of everyday life. Strewn all about are lessons that elude us simply because we have never learned to seek after them, appreciate them, and utilize them. Kevin picks up those jewels, polishes them off and holds them up to the light for us to benefit from.

You hold in your hand far more than words on a printed page. You are now in possession of a precise set of intangible tools that will hone and fine tune your life. Use them well.”

- Scott Ski, Author of Dogged and Determined and InCite

“I just finished reading your book, Vantagepoints on Learning and Life. It is very easy to read and contains great thought provoking stories. What really sets it apart are the Action Items at the end of each section; those little things for me to try on or think about. My mother always said, “The Devil is in the Details Hazel, it is the little things that make the difference.” Your book is full of those little things that make a big difference, those little things that we as busy humans forget about. Thanks for the reminders!

- Hazel M. Walker, Executive Director BNI-Central Indiana

“Kevin Eikenberry’s gift for leadership manifests itself not only in his business career but also in his voluntary efforts on behalf of his alma mater, Purdue University. His essays reveal him as a keen observer and an intense participant in life. Like all strong leaders, he understands how to communicate his ideas passionately and vividly.”

- Martin C. Jischke, President, Purdue University

“I was taught that practice does not make perfect…practice actually makes permanent. Practice something wrong and you will get to be good at doing it the wrong way. This book teaches us that Life is certainly a set of practices. Kevin’s honest and touching peek into his own life lessons gives one a good sense of how a person can take the ‘everyday’ of life, put it to practice in the right way with a sense of discipline, add some heart and soul, and the result is a better human being. That makes this book much more than a book. It is a gift of life from Kevin to us.”

- Rusty Rueff, Executive Vice President, Electronic Arts

“There’s nothing mundane here! Kevin awakens the reader to the wondrous world around us. It’s a great antidote for the dull, lethargic, day-to-day routine. Allow Kevin to guide you to see what he has seen. You might find that life can be downright interesting, vibrant and productive once more.”

- Max Armstrong, Broadcaster, Chicago, IL

“I’ve been a subscriber of Vantagepoints for many years and find that Kevin always has a valuable message to share. He has the uncanny ability to send the right advice at just the right time. Many thanks Kevin for your insights into ordinary daily life that most of us wouldn’t see without your guidance.”

- Andrew Grainger, South Australia

“Vantagepoints on Learning and Life inspires you to think about how little things in life have so much meaning. I have read a lot of books about goal setting, motivation and creative learning methods. This book is so compelling you won’t want to put it down. It is an adventure to read. I found myself reading on just to see what the next lesson on life will be and how I can apply it to my own life.”

- Doug Edge, Executive Director, Entrepreneurs’ Alliance of Indiana

“If you are looking for ways to get brain cells reactivated this is the read for you. This book illustrates the power of relationships in our life, how they affect us positively and negatively. Kevin captures the heart of why life is worth living to our fullest.”

- Tony Scelzo, Co-Founder, Rainmakers

“Kevin Eikenberry’s Vantagepoints on Learning and Life contains what I believe to be a wonderfully inspiring collection of lessons we can all benefit great from. The ideas clearly show how to get back to focusing on the amazing details that sometimes end up going unnoticed in our day-to-day lives. This is one book you’ll want to keep handy so you can review it often -- practice the ideas in it -- and yes, as a result lead a more inspired life.

- Josh Hinds,

“Kevin will brilliantly uplift and inspire you as you go through this collection of deep wisdom. You may find that just one story could change your life in a profoundly positive way.”

- Peggy McColl, Author of The 8 Proven Secrets to SMART Success

“Sometimes we all need a good reminder on what is important in business and life. Kevin Eikenberry’s Vantagepoints are a great learning tool for me to see life’s situations in a whole new way and to find valuable insight from all our experiences. I’ve shared many of the lessons learned with my colleagues and family!”

- Ken Bowman, Manager of Technology, Chevron Products Company

“This book is a wonderful treat. These short gems are perfect for the person who wants to take a few recharging, rewarding minutes out from a day of multi-tasking. Read one a day until you’ve read them all, then start over. Or indulge yourself and read all of them at once! No matter how or when you choose to open and read this treasure trove, you are going to be enriched by the words and the wisdom.”

- Stephanie West Allen, JD, Founding Partner, Allen&Nichols Productions, Inc.

“Vantagepoints on Learning and Life is an enlightening example of the powerful habit of learning from life’s daily activities and interactions. Kevin Eikenberry’s calls to action provide a guide to creating the vital link between this immense opportunity and tangible, personal growth.”

- Eric Averitt, Principal, New Perspective Group

“I have heard it said that adults don’t need to be taught so much as they need to be reminded of what they already know. Kevin has a wonderful gift for reminding me of what I know but don’t always apply. His writing is friendly, inviting, engaging, challenging, and encouraging. He gently challenges me to think and live on a higher plane without criticizing or condemning. By revealing his life lessons, he helps me to reflect on and learn from my own experiences. Vantagepoints on Learning and Life contains absolute gems from Kevin’s impressive collection of essays and articles. I highly encourage you to read, reflect and remember as you experience this work.”

- Guy Harris, Chief Relationship Officer, Principle Driven Consulting

“As a teacher, trainer, counselor, coach, and parent, I have enjoyed the use of personal stories and metaphor as powerful teaching tools. In this book Kevin stirs up a series of powerful, sensory mixtures to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste, as the reader translates the lessons into his/her own life experience.”

- Dr. Anita Schamber, Leadership and Org. Development Team, World Vision International and co-author of Real World Career Development Strategies That Work and Coaching: Evoking Excellence in God’s People!

“Kevin’s created a place for reflection in the bustle of the everyday. He holds up his own life experience in a way that allows us to both dig down and step back from our own.”

- Michael Bungay Stanier, creator of Get Unstuck & Get Going ...on the stuff that matters

“Reading Vantagepoints on Learning and Life is like sitting next to somebody who is genuinely, thoroughly kind. Someone patient enough to listen deeply to you and to himself. Someone honest. Someone fun. Someone you can be quiet with. Someone very much like a friend.”

- Bernie DeKoven, USC School of Cinema & Television and Principal, Deep Fun

“I love what Kevin has written! He challenges us to view the simplest aspects of our lives in new and fresh ways. He stretches us as he shares his own everyday insights. I am reminded of a quote I love by William Winter: ‘As much of Heaven is visible as we have eyes to see.’ Kevin has given us a profound and touching glimpse of our Heaven on Earth, seeing the ordinary as extraordinary and finding a new depth in our existence. Thank you, Kevin, for touching our heads and our hearts!”

- Barbara Glanz, CSP, Speaker, Consultant and Author of CARE Packages for the Workplace and The Simple Truths of Service

“Kevin Eikenberry has an unmatchable appetite for learning, and a contagious enthusiasm for...well, just about everything. In this volume, he shares his passion and insights in accessible pieces that offer entertainment in the moment and practical tips and inspiration for much longer.”

- Kat Koppett, author of Training to Imagine

“Kevin’s thoughts and insights are absolutely terrific! This book will help you rediscover the magic in your everyday life. A great diversion for anyone who needs to slow down and get refocused on what’s really important in their lives.”

- CJ McClanahan, Business Coach

“It is true that in this book Kevin’s purpose for writing Vantagepoints on Learning and Life comes through loud and clear: Allow life to transform you into a lifelong learner. You already are, and you just may not be aware of it. However what you have in your hands does something else: It challenges you to be a better person, and it has an underlying message that there can be no excuses: you will no longer settle for less. Kevin has shared a collection of stories that are profound in what they can individually mean to each reader. Start reading as soon as you can, and learn about the person you are meant to be. After you have finished, be sure you have a day or two to simply walk outside and let life swallow you up---even better if in the company of those you love, for you will never look at the everyday bliss of life in the same way again.”

- Rosa Say, Founder, Say Leadership Coaching and author of Managing with Aloha


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