Finding Learning Opportunities in Everyday Life Situations

Kevin Eikenberry

Vantagepoints on Learning and Life
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Vantagepoints is a Best Seller
Vantagepoints is a Best Seller
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Stories have the power to . . .

Inspire us.

Heal a hurt.

Build or rebuild a relationship.

Incite action.

Reconnect us to memories of the past.

Motivate us to change.

Make us laugh.

See a new perspective.

The stories in this book will help you do one or all of these things.

"Kevin will brilliantly uplift and inspire you as you go through this collection of deep wisdom. You may find that just one story could change your life in a profoundly positive way."

- Peggy McColl, Author of The 8 Proven Secrets to SMART Success

Vantagepoints on Learning and Life is written by Kevin Eikenberry, an expert in developing organization and individual potential. The stories in this book are essays Kevin wrote to help him reflect, gain understanding and help him revisit the truest and most important lessons any of us can learn about being a growing, caring, compassionate, successful and wise human being.

Kevin’s belief that every day holds the opportunity to learn is the mission of this book. Even in the midst of our daily routine and activities our life goes on and if we don’t recognize the learning opportunities all around us, and find ways to extract the lessons, we are missing life altering opportunities everyday.

“Kevin Eikenberry’s Vantagepoints on Learning and Life contains what I believe to be a wonderfully inspiring collection of lessons we can all benefit great from. The ideas clearly show how to get back to focusing on the amazing details that sometimes end up going unnoticed in our day-to-day lives. This is one book you’ll want to keep handy so you can review it often -- practice the ideas in it -- and yes, as a result lead a more inspired life.

- Josh Hinds,

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This is not your typical “how-to book” but rather a book of stories that will provide different lessons and meaning for each reader. Vantagepoints on Learning and Life will open your eyes to the ways you can learn from the smallest of events to the biggest of challenges you face. You will put down this book with a fresh set of eyes for being more aware of the lessons your life can bring and how those lessons will help you be your personal best.

So who exactly is this book for?

Teachers. Teachers can be reminded of the wide varieties of ways they can help their students learn. Many of the stories can be great ways to spur student writing assignments too!

Leaders. Leaders become more powerful communicators as they master the art of storytelling. This book can help any leader develop their wn storytelling style by reading theses stories.

Students. Students will become enthused about learning and be reminded that not all learning comes in the classroom!

Parents. Moms and Dads can use these stores to create learning moments with their kids.

Learners (which is all of us)… If we aren’t learning, we are dying. Let this book inspire you to become a life-long learner. Realizing that opportunities to grow and give exist in every breath you take.

“It is true that in this book Kevin’s purpose for writing comes through loud and clear: Allow life to transform you into a lifelong learner. It challenges you to be a better person, and it has an underlying message that there can be no excuses: you will no longer settle for less…Start reading as soon as you can, and learn about the person you are meant to be. After you have finished, be sure you have a day or two to simply walk outside and let life swallow you up---even better if in the company of those you love, for you will never look at the everyday bliss of life in the same way again.”

- Rosa Say, Founder, Say Leadership Coaching and author of Managing with Aloha

Send Me My Signed Copy Right Away!

Do you know someone who needs a lift or who could use a little inspiration in his or her life right now? This book makes an excellent gift for friends, family, colleagues and co-workers.

Give the gift of life-long learning to others!

I Want To Give the Gift of Learning!

Your learning is guaranteed! After purchasing this book if you aren’t delighted with what you learn and the value you receive, let us know and we will refund your money immediately with no questions asked.

*Special Note – Contact us at (317) 387-1424 or for quantity discounts!



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